A Long-Lost Documentary About ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Surfaces Online



When The Empire Strikes Back hit theatres back in 1980 and made its mark in the Star Wars saga (a mark that would signal it as a popular fan-favourite in the franchise), it received lots of attention.  In the year prior to its release, French filmmaker / journalist Michel Parbot went behind the scenes and captured some fantastic interviews with the cast, crew and director Irvin Kershner.  However, Parbot’s footage was largely ignored and shelved after it was initially released on television in the immediate years following the theatre run for TESB.  It was passed over a second time when a number of special features were being compiled for the Blu-Rays.

Thanks to the tireless work of some internet fans, Parbot’s documentary has been restored to its [almost]original edit.  The doc is full of great bits that, once you watch them, make it kind of a shame that this footage was left alone for so many years.

One of my favourite parts is Kershner’s consistent references to TESB as a fairy tale.  Repeatedly, he states that the reason he chose to direct the film was to create more of a fiction than a science fiction.  I wonder if it’s because of this approach that The Empire Strikes Back stands out so much from the rest and has become a fan favourite.

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