A ‘Hangover Part III’ Featurette Brings Us Up To Speed



The third (and final?) instalment of one of the most successful comedy franchises of all time is about to hit theatres.  In just over a week, we’ll find The Wolfpack in over their heads once again, having to do whatever they can to save their friend Doug.  This time there’s no bachelor party, no alcohol-induced migraines, just mayhem.

In this featurette for The Hangover Part III, the primary cast members, the screenwriter and director share their thoughts on what it was like to shoot this movie.  There’s a strong sense of camaraderie among the folks involved, which has always translated well on-screen.  Can this R-rated comedy strike gold a third time? Chances are high.

The Hangover Part III opens on May 24th.

Source: Yahoo! Movies


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