A Fiery First Trailer for The New Season of Luther, Starring Idris Elba



Luther became an instant favourite of mine.  It has everything you’d want out of a British crime drama: dynamic characters, twisted relationships, intelligent stories, nasty villains, etc.  I’d say the show is damn near perfect if it weren’t for the fact that the show’s releases were so infrequent.  Of course, to limit the number of episodes per year is a smart way to contain the show’s brilliance.  It’s for the best.  But when each season is over, it hurts.

This first trailer is brief, but it’s action-packed.  It introduces us to a new villain, promises the return of Alice (Rita Wilson) and some fantastic one-liners from Luther.  And that’s the thing about British one-liners.  They never feel like the cheesy type from David Caruso a là CSI: Miami

Some interesting information about the series hit the headlines last year.  Series creator Neil Cross announced that he was writing a spin-off series focusing on Alice.  He stated to the press, “The BBC is very interested in the project. The only real question would be how many and how often we would do it – whether it would be a one-off miniseries or a returning miniseries, a co-production or not.”

The third season of the hit BBC series will begin next month in the UK, then debut on BBC American in September.  Expect some an even harder hitting series this go around.  Cross made it clear that this season would be the show’s last, but would also serve as a lead-in to a full-fledged feature film.


Source: The Mary Sue


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