A Few More Images & A Poster for ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’


With the new poster comes the new tagline: “If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder”.  Based on the early buzz for the film, such will be the drama of The Place Beyond the Pines, written and directed by Derek CianfanceIf this film is anything like his Blue Valentine, this may overtake the title of  “Saddest Movie of All Time”.  I respect Cianfrance’s talent, but the material he chooses to direct just ain’t for me.

Maybe it’s the lack of light-hearted moments, the chance for an audience to resurface for some breaths of fresh air.  This is a story about a circus performer who takes to robbing banks so he can take care of the illegitimate child he wants to raise with the love of his life, Eva Mendes …all the while being pursued by a police officer (Bradley Cooper).

I’ll give Cianfrance some credit if he can pull some humourous moments off.  It ‘ll be no easy task with a story like that.

For now, check out the latest poster and images while the film was in production (featuring people laughing, ironically).  We had posted a related batch of pictures, which you can check out here.  The Place Beyond the Pines opens on March 29th.








source: MovieWeb


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