A Featurette for ‘Stoker’ Analyzes The Creepy Music



Clint Mansell is one of those truly gifted composers of film scores.  Well, all composers are incredibly talented individuals. Their job is to heighten our senses during a film’s quietest moments or its most dramatic sequences.  Mansell, however, stands out from the rest.

I’m a little biased.  I’ve adored every soundtrack he’s written, particularly for Moon.  His music contains unique distinctions marked by (but not limited to) what you might call a ‘melodic ambience’.  The sounds are created by combining traditional instruments found in film orchestras, with digital melodies comprised of loops, effects and often, good ol’ fashioned silence.

For these reasons, Mansell is a perfect fit for Park Chan-Wook’s Stoker.  The creepy, slow-moving thriller is a perfect match in tone and style.

Hard to understand with words? That’s cool.  That’s why there are featurettes…

source: YouTube



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