A Collection of Fan Art Featuring Disney Characters Welcoming ‘Star Wars’


Comic Book Resources holds a weekly mashup art collaboration and last week their theme was Disney Welcomes Star Wars To The Family.

Deadpool n’ Boba Fett vs Disney World by Marco D’Alfonso

Prince Charming meets Han Solo! by John Trumbull

Disney Princesses in Jabba’s Palace by Phillip Sevy

Huey, Dewey, Louie and Chewie by Josh Gowdy

Peter Pan Skywalker vs. Darth Hook by Nick Perks

Hannah Organa by Bill Walko

Electrrebo by Sean McFarland

Steamboat Han & Chewie by Brendan Tobin

Darthwing Duck by Xum Yukinori

Luke “I’m Here to Rescue You” Skywalker by Paul Hostetler



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