A Behind-The-Scenes Look Into How Gravity Was Made



The proof is in the pudding: innovate with hard work and whatever you create from it has a high chance of being groundbreaking.  This seems like a standard that’s not just limited to Hollywood, but is the case with Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity.

The tech here is stunningly simple.  Not in practice, but by way of concept.  Maybe that’s the brilliance?  Avatar, for example, set a major precedent, but the 3D innovations by which it was marketed were heavy-handed.  Gravity, based contemporary science and not otherworldlydid a better job of sweeping you off your feet and taking your breath away – either with glee, fear or thrills.

So, check out the pudding.  The following video kicks into high gear around 1 min 30 sec.  The “Light Box” is certainly an approach to filmmaking that required outside-the-box thinking.

Warning: major spoiler at the end of the video!

Source: Slate


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