A 16 Year Old Trailer For Louis C.K.’s Hidden Gem Tomorrow Night



Sixteen long years ago, which was only 1997 (shudder), Louis C.K. was still the same hard-working, multi-talented comedian he is today.  While he may have still been considered one of comedy’s finest at the time, his exposure to the more intense limelight was a few years away.

With a few short films under his belt, C.K. sat in the director’s chair of his first feature, entitled Tomorrow Night.   The story focuses on a loner who strives to redeem some sort of social life.  A basic premise, but a fantastic cast: Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, JB Smoove, Matt Walsh, Wanda Sykes and his former boss Conan O’Brien all make an appearance.

C.K. recently revealed that he would be releasing the film on his website, for his “usual” fee of $5.  The film will finally get some distribution after failing to get picked up when it was shopped around way back in 1998.

You can check out his official site for details.

Source:  The Film Stage


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