6 New Character Posters for The World’s End


Comedy in the face of the apocalypse is a popular theme this summer.  This Is The End opens this Wednesday and will become the first of two big, highly anticipated comedies involving a group of friends caught in cataclysmic events.  The second, The World’s End, will feature director Edgar Wright’s British equivalent of pals (both on screen and off) who submit their own version of facing annihilation.

These six new character posters officially introduce us to the cast, featuring Martin Freeman, Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and the beautiful Rosamund Pike.  In The World’s End, these intrepid pub crawlers discover that a race of disguised robots have been slowly inhabiting the small town in which they grew up.

The World’s End opens in theatres on August 23rd.  As previously reported, this will draw Wright & Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy to a close.  Bittersweet, yes…but, I can’t wait to see how these guys will portray their struggle to save humankind.







Source: First Showing


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