2 Never-Before-Seen Photos of Heath Ledger On The Set of The Dark Knight


I remember the ferocious level of anticipation leading up to The Dark Knight‘s release. There was so much skepticism amongst Batman fans who feared that Heath Ledger was going to ruin the movie with his performance.  Director Christopher Nolan was extremely confident in his casting choice – so much so that he’d been in talks with Ledger months before the script had been completed.  Well, if they’d had the opportunity, Nolan and Ledger could have been justified in giving a big, fat, “I told ya so” to the internet at large.  But, of course, they were just too classy for that.

Spanish website Vanitatis recently published an article on Justo Dieguez, the creator of the fighting style (known as Keysi) employed in The Dark Knight trilogy. The article included two behind-the-scenes pictures of Ledger as the Joker, one of which has never been seen before.




Source: JoBlo


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